Secrets to great customer service from your MSP

Secrets to great customer service from your MSP

A Managed Services Provider’s (MSP) ability to ensure customer satisfaction is what really grows their business. MSPs and other companies who successfully manage and execute excellent customer experience strategies, reap enormous benefits: reduced churn, increased revenue, stronger relationships, loyalty, and greater employee satisfaction.

MSPs need to differentiate themselves from their competitors. One way to accomplish this is by providing unforgettable customer service — something that either sets them apart or something they do very well repeatedly so it’s hard for their clients to stray.

What are the factors that constitute great customer service? Let’s take a closer look at the secrets to successful customer service:

Setting customer expectations

The foundation of a great partnership and great customer service is setting ground rules. MSPs can define “customer service” for each client through a Managed Services Agreement. This agreement includes specifics such as delineation of responsibilities, the availability of support and uptime, and timeframes for response and resolution.

Attending to and addressing complaints

No one likes dealing with an unhappy customer. Failing to empathize with clients and deal with their complaints is business suicide. If a complaint is not handled promptly and with good grace, either by being left unacknowledged or dismissed out of hand, it may result in a bitter client who can easily share their experience on social media or online forums.

Acknowledging support requests promptly

The majority of MSPs allow their customers to email their support requests. The most exceptional MSPs allow their customers to call-in support requests. Every issue is as important as the last. At Charles IT, we have support staff and highly trained technicians ready to help you through any issue that may arise. If you don’t want to call-in, you can email your support request straight to us and we will make sure your issue gets resolved as quickly, and precisely as possible.

Prioritizing current customers

Customers come back after a good customer service experience. Particularly for MSPs, customer retention is key. Retaining customers means building meaningful relationships with them, whether it’s improving their IT support or dedicating an IT team for current clients. Exceeding expectations in these types of customer interactions leads to better word of mouth and more referrals.

Maintaining good communication

The services an MSP provides aren’t readily visible. For example, using Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), a platform that MSPs use to maintain clients’ IT infrastructure and systems, makes it difficult for clients to see what their MSP is doing for them every day. Updating customers regularly on how MSPs keep their clients’ systems running is key to maintaining open lines of communication. Clients value monthly or quarterly reports that reflect the MSP’s accomplishments and the issues prevented.

Proper customer service training

An MSP may have talented and skilled IT technicians, but customers will not be satisfied with their work if they aren’t dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Competent service technicians should always be courteous and prompt when on site.

An MSP that has good customer service aligns their vision and mission statements with their unique brand of service. Proper customer service training and utilization of appropriate technology will help an MSP deliver a high level of service.

At Charles IT, we believe that one of the keys to business growth is taking care of our clients. That means ensuring you are getting the value from the technology you’ve invested in, as well as, receiving exceptional customer service during the process. Our goal is to create real relationships and raving fans!

If you feel that you aren’t receiving the value and experience you are looking for, feel free to drop us a line today, so we can talk about how we can transform your IT experience

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