Spotlight on Talent: Krys Velez

Spotlight on Talent: Krys Velez


At Charles IT, we have some outstanding employees. This month, we decided to lift the veil and introduce our clients and visitors to the people who make us who we are. In our Employee Spotlight for the month of February, learn more about Krys Velez, one of our Desktop Support Specialists!

Krys is originally from Durham, CT. He went to school at Vinal Technical High School and then moved on to the University of New Haven. Krys joined Charles IT in July 2019 as an IT Intern and with 3 months of hard work and dedication, he turned that into a full-time role as a Desktop Support Specialist.


A Few Questions With Krys:


How long have you been with Charles IT?

"I only started seven months ago, but I feel like I’ve been part of this family for a long time."

What’s a day in the life of one Krys Velez?

"As a Desktop Support Specialist, I follow up with our clients, make sure they’re getting the support and assistance they need over the phone and on-site. As Charles IT’s resident mechanic, I try to help with other mechanical issues too apart from tech- and IT-related problems."

Any common tasks or issues you deal with?

"Mostly spam tickets, password resets, employee onboarding tasks and lots of Windows 7 upgrades."

Do you have any tips for such issues?

"For spam emails, always check the sender and links. You can mouse over them and preview where they direct to."

What is your favorite part about working at Charles IT?

"My coworkers. Everyone is extremely intelligent, kind, and fun to work with! Also, because Charles IT values work-life balance, during my free days, I get to spend time working on motorcycles — a favorite hobby of mine — and play KOTOR 2."

Most tech consulting starts with “Press 1”

We just like to start with “Hello.”