5 Ways to Strengthen Your Organization's Cyber Resilience

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Organization's Cyber Resilience

Cyberattacks are more common than you think. In late February of this year, the healthcare industry took a major hit when Change Healthcare, a sector of UnitedHealth Group, was breached. The cyber security incident affected nationwide operations, by shutting down the largest healthcare payment system in the country.This isn’t a one time thing, considering that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services revealed that the amount of these incidents have been happening more and more in recent years in this industry. “The health care sector is experiencing a significant rise in cyberattacks, putting patient safety at risk,” said HHS Deputy Secretary Andrea Palm explained, adding “These attacks expose vulnerabilities in our health care system, degrade patient trust, and ultimately endanger patient safety.”  Yet, there are ways to prevent these types of blows to your healthcare business since we have five ways to strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity resilience.



1. MDR

The first on our list is using a Managed Detection and Response or MDR, which is a service that detects cyber security events in real time. MDR is always on the lookout for any suspicious activity in your network, making it a reliable source of security for your team.

2. Security Awareness Training

Next on the list is doing Security Awareness Training, so we can train your employees to think before they click. That’s right, your employees can protect your business from a cyberattack once they are taught the skills needed to recognize distrusting links, phishing emails, any other social engineering schemes that would put the organization at risk.

3. Endpoint Encryption

The third way is using Endpoint Encryption, which locks out unauthorized users through the process of scrambling the data on your device so that it’s unreadable without a decryption key. That means if someone steals your device, they still can’t access any of the contents without that key.

4. Vulnerability Scanning

Another way is utilizing Vulnerability Scanning, which is a process that prevents cybersecurity breaches before they even happen. That is because it scans the network for weaknesses or security flaws that could expose you to hackers.

5. Gap Assessment

And lastly, you’ll want a Gap Assessment, which is a service we provide where we audit your organization’s cybersecurity system as a whole. We then put together a list of what needs to be done to improve your security, so you’re protected against any new threats.


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