What is Microsoft Copilot? Your New AI Personal Assistant

What is Microsoft Copilot? Your New AI Personal Assistant

Enhance Your Productivity at Work

Are certain tedious, every day administrative tasks keeping you from being productive at work? Have you ever wondered what it would be like for your company to have its own personal digital assistant? Fortunately, that’s where Microsoft Copilot comes in, a new tool for Microsoft 365 that integrates large language models, (learning models pre-trained on a variety of data), with your organization’s information. That basically means it’s a type of chatbot that streamlines tasks and automates workflows, which in turn increases the productivity, creativity, and collaboration within your team.

Who Should Use Microsoft Copilot?

Anyone in an organization would benefit from Microsoft Copilot since it’s designed to assist a variety of workers, from those on the frontline, to top executives, to, of course, IT professionals. At first glance, you may believe your business doesn’t need something like this but one study from Time etc found that individual employees at small businesses spend more than a third, or 36%, of their week on administrative tasks, like drafting emails, logging data, or summarizing emails, chat threads, and calls. Microsoft Copilot can give you and your employees that time back, considering that it does all the work for you! That way you and your staff can focus on your company’s big pictures goals, instead of wasting time on the minutia of every day.

What are Microsoft Copilot’s Key Features?

Let’s break down some of Microsoft Copilots key features so you get a better idea of how it’ll help you get the job done.

Business Chat Aspect:

  • Utilizes Microsoft Copilot to collect data from emails, chats, documents, calendars, and contacts.
  • Keeps all necessary information in one place, ensuring everyone stays informed and aligned.

Examples: Summarizing meeting updates, and generating document summaries for clients.

Contextual Understanding:

  • Responds to simple, natural language prompts.
  • Provides tailored suggestions based on context.

Examples: Asking for project milestones, assistance with planning, or timeline creation.

Integration with Microsoft Apps:

  • Integrated into daily Microsoft applications like Word and PowerPoint.
  • Capabilities include writing, editing, summarizing documents, and creating PowerPoint presentations.

Example: Commanding Copilot to create slides from documents in Word.

Data Analysis in Excel:

  • Analyzes data in Microsoft Excel.
  • Provides recommendations to drive desired outcomes.

Functions in Microsoft Teams:

  • Creates meeting agendas or outlines for missed meetings.

Email Assistance:

  • Summarizes inbox content in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Drafts email responses.

How is Microsoft Copilot Different from ChatGPT?

Microsoft Copilot distinguishes itself from ChatGPT and other AI models through its specialized integration within Microsoft's ecosystem, offering seamless compatibility with Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, and Teams. Additionally, Copilot's contextual understanding and tailored suggestions empower users with more targeted and efficient assistance compared to ChatGPT.

Is Microsoft Copilot Worth It?

Another study from GitHub concluded that a whopping 88% of developers who used a version of Copilot reported that they were more productive, while 74% said they were able to turn their attention to more satisfying work. With that said, you and your co-workers will be hitting those hard-to-reach goals in no time, thanks to all the extra time you could save by using Microsoft Copilot. Ready to change your organization for the better? Book a meeting with Charles IT today to get started!

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What is Microsoft Copilot?
Microsoft Copilot is a chatbot for Microsoft 365 that integrates large language models with your organization’s data so you can streamline tasks and automates workflows, increasing productivity.
How is Microsoft Copilot different from ChatGBT?
Microsoft Copilot is tailored to Microsoft related tasks in Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It uses AI for coding assistance specifically, and is built on Large Language Models. ChatGBT, however, was developed by OpenAI, and is a natural language processing tool that simulates human language and can be integrated into different platforms.
What are Microsoft Copilot’s features?
One key feature in Microsoft Copilot is its business-specific embedment, which means that it understands your context without heavy prompting and can offer tailored suggestions using its in-depth knowledge. It also can write, edit, and summarize documents in Microsoft Word, transform documents into Microsoft PowerPoints, and analyze data in Microsoft Excel, as well as generate email recaps and suggest responses in Microsoft Outlook.
What are the benefits of Microsoft Copilot?
It enhances productivity and efficiency in your company's workplace by streamlining time-consuming administrative tasks so you and your employees can focus on the important things.
Where do I get more information to get Microsoft Copilot?
Speak with a representative from Charles IT today to get more details on how you install Microsoft Copilot at your organization.


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