Building Strong Vendor Relationships is Front & Center for Charles IT

Building Strong Vendor Relationships is Front & Center for Charles IT

Charles IT stresses the value of building real relationships with their 2022 vendor summit


Included in the company’s mission is “to create real relationships and raving fans.” While it’s easy to assume that clients are a focus, Charles IT also considers employees, employee families, and vendors when talking about building those relationships. A year-end vendor summit has been on the wish list for company CEO Foster Charles, and he got his wish on Tuesday, December 13th, 2022.

As an MSP, Charles IT not only works with vendors internally but also on behalf of our clients. Throughout the year, Charles IT will host vendor-partnered events, both in-person and virtually, with the goal of bringing value to existing and prospective clients in terms of IT strategy and information. In order to deliver exceptional service in the form of high-quality events and out-of-this-world IT support, Charles IT believes that strong vendor relations, built out of trust, respect, collaboration, and communication, and the key to success.

The goal for the vendor summit was to continue building those real relationships and provide a platform for even greater lines of communication between vendors and their MSP (Charles IT).

The results?

One of the reasons this event was so successful was that we were true to who we are as a company. Our commitment to being real and straightforward automatically set us up for great, open, and honest conversations. Another key element is that none of our vendors are in competition with one another, resulting in this great collaborative session where ideas were shared and we all learned something from each other. To sum it up, it was a value-add for everyone who attended, not just Charles IT.

- Elizabeth "Betta" Greenberg, Marketing Manager, Charles IT

In true Charles IT fashion, this event was coupled with a specialty coffee tasting, hosted by Tim Melano from Triple Coffee Co.

It's really nice to see that you guys [Charles IT] value relationships because that's actually really central to what we do out here in San Francisco... we're working on building relationships with really small farms in Latin America... and what we've discovered is that really small farms are able to focus on quality, they're able to focus on harvesting coffee the right way and then doing everything that you need to do after you harvest the coffee to come up with truly gourmet level award-winning level coffees.

-Tim Melano, Triple Coffee Co. 

Attendees were also able to take a virtual trip to Honduras, to the farm where their coffee originated, and talk with coffee farmer, Yorlan Josue Giron Valle. Questions were asked about who does the roasting, where the coffee beans actually come from, the difference between washed and natural coffee, and whether the farm smells like coffee all year round. 

Honduran coffee farmer shows fruit and coffee beans at Charles IT vendor summit coffee tasting event.

About Charles IT

Charles IT is the Northeast’s compliance expert, headquartered in Middletown, Connecticut, with a second location in Stamford, Connecticut. As a managed service provider (MSP), Charles IT also specializes in compliance, including SOC 2, HIPAA, DFARS, CMMC 2.0, and NIST CSF, in addition to its IT support, security, and service offerings. With a human-first focus, Charles IT values knowing client teams just as much as knowing their technology, allowing the MSP to find the right solutions that take clients from functioning to flourishing.


About Triple Coffee Co. 

Triple Coffee, headquartered in San Francisco's Marina District, is a high-end specialty coffee company with a beyond-fair-trade impact.

Coffee invigorates your mind and body. Giving back to those who grow it invigorates your soul. At Triple Coffee Company, we deliver excellent single-origin coffee from around the world to your door. We are vertically integrated. No middlemen mean producers get the most money for their coffees.


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