Charles IT vs 'The Other Guys'

Charles IT vs 'The Other Guys'

No one ever likes to hear sighs of exasperation from the technical support agent at the other end of the line. Customers call for support precisely because they lack knowledge and need help, not sass.

We take your IT personally.

This means that we provide more than mere technical expertise — we believe in becoming your friend, the type that has your back and is always there to help you succeed in everything that you do. But don’t just take our word for it — check out what our clients say about us and our agents!

Foster’s ability to communicate tech concepts and solutions to non-techies

“Foster is incredibly intelligent and has an incredible ability to articulate even the most complex challenges and solutions to non-technical people. His high level of professional maturity and integrity combined with this knowledge make him an incredibly well-rounded business professional and leader. He is a natural CIO and serves in that capacity for IntuitiveHR and several of our clients.

“Foster also has great instincts toward leadership and business development. I enjoy brainstorming ideas with him. Overall, I appreciate that when my company or any of my clients are having issues, he responds very quickly with the most efficient, effective, and cost-conscious solutions. I would gladly recommend Foster and Charles IT to any organization that is in need of IT support from basic help desk support to CIO level strategic development.”

— Kim Giangrande, Senior Professional in Human Resources, IntuitiveHR

Part of the personal fabric of our office

“Charles IT is straight up. They have been our IT director for almost 10 years. Their creative approach to determining the right solutions for our network, storage, hardware, and communications needs was one of the keys to our business’s success. Even though they are a consultant, they have taken the time to invest themselves in our specific needs and the personal fabric of our office. They are not only like a part of our staff, they are like friends.”

— Thomas P. Arcari, Principal, Quisenberry Arcari Architects, LLC


Aaron’s manners and professionalism are incredible

“Thank you for setting me up on the alerts and also telling me how to do it myself. I get the fish and learn to fish. Second of all, thank you for working with us during non-working hours. (The attention Aaron gave us) last night was very important.

“Also, I want to let you know that Aaron’s manners and professionalism are incredible. I’m confident Aaron could work on any project at any time with Galata and it would get done with ease. I’m thoroughly impressed with his work ethic, professionalism, and knowledge.”

— Alex Pashaian, Strategic Sourcing Director, Galata Chemicals

Isaiah was really a pleasure to work with

“We want to thank you and your staff for the excellent work on our system to date. It really was pretty painless for us and did not interrupt our operations at all. Isaiah was really a pleasure to work with this week. I am going home this weekend finally confident that our system is stable, secure, and in good hands. Thank you again for your assistance.”

— Karen Rettenmeier, Finance Director, MARC Community Resources, LTD

Going the extra mile

“When called for a specific problem that requires the technician to come on-site, (they) always happily addressed additional unreported issues experienced by the staff. Further, they go out of their way to ask if everything is okay and if you require any assistance.”

— Izora Ebron, Client Services Supervisor, Open Door Shelter

More than knowledgeable

“It's nice to know when you're drowning (in computer issues), we have a computer service company that provides ‘life-preserving’ type assistance that keeps our business connected. And the technicians are not only knowledgeable, they are very patient as well.”

— Paul Stringer, Vice President, Connecticut Federation of School Administrators

Ever reliable service

“Recently we had an instance that required some last-minute contract amendments for a school system where we work to support students with complex neurodevelopmental disabilities. I needed to remotely access our server to make updates so that we could turn the contract around and avoid any disruption in care, but then I found myself locked out (of our server) late on a Friday night.

“I reached out to the Charles IT team and at 10:00 PM, their on-call tech piped into my computer while he was traveling for a vacation to make the system corrections necessary to grant me access to the files that I needed. Based on the prompt response by Charles IT, we were able to get the contract sent and maintain our support for the students in that district come Monday morning.

“We feel fortunate to have such valuable partners as Charles IT and we appreciate that our success in doing what we do every day is supported by a best-in-class technical team.”

— Seth Powers, Co-Director, The Center for Children with Special Needs

As you can see, not only do we take IT personally, but our clients take our top-notch professional services personally in kind. Talk to our consultants to learn more about the extraordinary IT services we can provide to your business.

Charles IT vs 'The Other Guys'


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