Breaking the stereotype: Benefits of working for an MSP

Breaking the stereotype: Benefits of working for an MSP

The business landscape is facing a growing contingent workforce, bigger skills gaps, market pressure, and technological disruption. And while this trend is most certainly driving consistent business growth, it’s becoming more challenging for businesses to keep up.

Fortunately, with newer technologies and forward-looking opportunities, it’s much easier for businesses to remain competitive. Today, one of the wisest ways to stay ahead of the game is to outsource one’s IT requirements to a managed IT services provider (MSP). More and more small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are partnering with MSPs, so MSPs are now surging in popularity.

If you love technology, have a good grasp at business processes, can manage client expectations fairly well, and are looking to start a career in Connecticut, then working for an MSP like Charles IT might just be for you. These are but some of the amazing things you’ll be able to do here:

Showcase your versatility

With an MSP like Charles IT, your days won’t just be about fixing cables or solving issues on servers and networks. You’ll also be able to share your highly valued expertise with teammates who value collaboration with clients and each other. This means that you’ll be part of a dynamic environment that thrives on learning all things tech.

Experience working in an empowered corporate culture

Whether it’s embracing change, empowering people, or encouraging innovation in a connected world, you’ll get to explore outside the boundaries of your job description and do more than just "earn a paycheck."

Enjoy stability, consistency, and integrity in leadership

Our open-door policy leads to decisions being made based on thorough feedback from teams and leaders. This means we look at what’s best for everyone and the company’s future. Charles IT prides itself on maintaining stability with a minimum of a six-month cushion of operating income, leaving the remainder of profit for bonuses, charitable donations, an office wish list of new technology, and other expenses.

Enjoy recognition and appreciation

Charles IT acknowledges everyone’s commitment to making the company successful. Every three months, we provide recognition in ways beyond monetary rewards.

Play with cutting-edge equipment

We like our toys and we make sure the office always enjoys pre-release demos. If you like getting your hands on the latest gadgets, this is the place to be.

Define your own career path and individual growth

Training is very important because our clients benefit from the skills our specialists gain from it. This is why at Charles IT, all training materials and your first shot at a test or certification are on us.

Be part of “breaking the corporate mentality”

We love our roots. We’re a homegrown business with corporate sensibility. We offer compressed workweeks, commissions and incentives on new business brought in by employees, and flexible hours.

Enjoy fun team building activities

Whether you like going out to dinner with colleagues, ice skating in New York, watching concerts, or even zip lining, you’ll definitely be able to unwind at Charles IT. This is because we strongly believe in work-life balance and that we all deserve to be healthy physically and mentally.

All in all, we at Charles IT like to have fun while taking our jobs seriously. If you want to be a part of a team that values diversity, believes in exceptional customer service, finds satisfaction in developing creative solutions, then check out our current opportunities today! It could be the start of a wonderful career and lasting friendships.

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