Charles IT vs the other guys: What makes our company culture stand out

Charles IT vs the other guys: What makes our company culture stand out


A great company culture makes people eager to come to work, grow within the company, foster relationships within the organization, and achieve work-life balance.

Perhaps you can view your company’s culture as the combination of values, goals, ethics, environment, and company mission. Google is known to have one of the best company cultures as they stand out in promoting collaboration and emphasizing an atmosphere of innovation that allows employees to plug into the culture, among other things.

At Charles IT, we believe we have an exemplary workplace culture. We feel that ours stands out based on a few key factors:

Passionate people

Workplace culture is lived out by people, so at Charles IT, we first find the right talent. True to our mantra, “We make IT for humans, by humans,” our team is made up of tech experts who are passionate about the technology they work on and also have the passion to help others.

Our passion shows in our performance. In our previous blog, we collected some of the best things our clients had to say about us. This goes to show that while our world may be filled with data, systems, and software, we make sure to serve our clients and with a human touch.

Conducive workplace

Creating real relationships is at the heart of what we do. When partners and customers drop by our office, the welcome committee of dogs join our staff in greeting them. We also energize our workforce with events that foster strong working relationships such as fun team-building activities and after-hour get-together.

Honest and forthright

If there’s one thing Charles IT is old-fashioned about, it’s honesty. We value honesty and integrity more than anything else, as these speak volumes about how we work as professionals and individuals.

Sincere gratitude

A culture of appreciation draws people into a flow of sustained excellence. We believe that when recognition is missing, companies fail to reach their full potential. When team collaboration gets the job done, giving each team member praise improves employee well-being and inspires them to continue delivering only the best results.

Endless improvement

At Charles IT, we believe that the key to business growth is the endless quest for improvement. No matter how fast technology changes and however those changes may impact businesses, Charles IT always adapts to ensure our clients’ success.

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