How an MSP Helps Make Your Multi-Factor Authentication Setup Successful

How an MSP Helps Make Your Multi-Factor Authentication Setup Successful

Are you struggling to implement multi-factor authentication? Maybe you can’t pinpoint what forms of multi-factor authentication (MFA) your business benefits the most from or how you can properly position your business for audit success.

Whatever the case, your organization might be neglecting a key component of implementing a successful IT strategy: a managed service provider (MSP). An MSP can provide your business with countless benefits. Let’s dive into how an MSP can ensure the setup success of your MFA.

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Identifies the Best MFA Solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for multi-factor authentication setup. In fact, the best MFA solutions depend on the industry you operate in, your employees, your clientele, and your overall strategic goals.

An MSP can identify inefficiencies within your business and help minimize these issues. For example, requiring employees to use MFA might not be at the top of your to-do list, but it’s important to safeguard your business from an outside attack. By working with an MSP, you can optimize your MFA solutions.

Increases Identity Security

JuneBlog2023 - p5 - 1-1Part of creating a safeguarded, secure business is providing employees and customers with the right, secure resources. Identity security does just that, empowering your team and customers with secure access to apps, websites, and other devices from any location and at any time. 

Hackers often target the weakest link in your business, which can be the endpoints your employees and customers utilize. Working with the right MSP can help you minimize your organization’s risks associated with identity security.

Demonstrates Increased IT Security in an Audit

If your business needs an audit each year, one of the top things they will evaluate is your cybersecurity controls. What are your cyber policies, and how do you enforce them? Are all cybersecurity controls operating efficiently and effectively? These are all questions that your business will be forced to answer.

Working with an MSP ensures that your business can answer these questions with confidence. The worst-case scenario is your business receiving an unfavorable audit opinion because you didn’t take a proactive approach to cybersecurity and implement the right MFA controls.

Complements Your Overall Managed IT Security

Each business should have a big-picture MFA plan, with yours being no exception. Why is your business implementing multi-factor authentication in the first place? What information are you trying to safeguard with MFA?

An MSP helps your business reach your overall IT security goals and objectives. Without an advisor overseeing your strategy, your business could fall short without even realizing it. In addition, MFA often requires upfront training and onboarding for your team, an aspect that an MSP can assist with.


Would your organization be more successful with its multi-factor authentication setup with a managed service provider on your side? If so, it’s important that you work with the right managed IT security professional.JuneBlog2023 - p9 

Not only can the right MSP take your overall IT strategy to the next level, but they can offer you innovative approaches to the cybersecurity controls your business needs through IT security consulting. 

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