Rockstar Customer Service: What Keeps Them Coming Back

Rockstar Customer Service: What Keeps Them Coming Back

The customer is the lifeblood of any company, regardless of size. Although there has been some debate on the phrase, "the customer is always right", we can all agree that without our customers, our businesses would not exist.

Therefore, the customer experience you provide needs to have that “wow factor” to keep customers returning and maybe even make them evangelists for your product or service. A good marketing strategy, coupled with rockstar customer service focused on the human experience, plays a role in keeping your business thriving.

When Charles IT was founded, it wasn't enough for us to provide exceptional technical service, we also needed to emphasize the fact that, despite being an IT company, we were still real people helping other real people --- and no one prefers talking to a robot when there's a problem to solve. 

So what do your customers want from you and your business?

  1. Customers want to be heard – When engaging with customers, your customer representative should be talking 20 percent of the time and listening 80 percent of the time. When you listen more than you speak, you get the pertinent information needed to best serve your client.Charles IT Tech Tip - 80-20 Rule Listening-Speaking
  2. Customers want to be understood – Have you ever dealt with a customer service rep whose responses had nothing to do with your issue? That’s because right from the start, that representative did not understand the problem you’re experiencing, and that can be so frustrating!
  3. Customers want to be cared for – It’s all about feeling special. When a customer service rep gives their full attention to a customer, the customer feels significant, and that’s the human touch we all love to experience.

It’s Time to Revisit the Drawing Board

Mapping out your customer experience is a good way to identify areas of growth and improvement.

Sketch the following on a piece of paper:

  1. Start by drawing your company in the center of a diagram.
  2. Add satellites to represent your customers, vendors, sales leads, etc.
  3. Create offshoots from each satellite to illustrate all the touchpoints available to your contacts.
Customer Experience Mapping Worksheet

Now ask yourself, can your existing and potential customers reach you via phone, website, client help desk, email, client portal, and on-site visits?

Your touchpoints should orbit the satellite that connects with them, which in turn links back to your company. Once you’re done mapping out the universe in which your company revolves, highlight each of the touchpoints in your revenue stream according to priority and ask yourself,

  • Do these interactions deliver the amazing user experience my business has promised?
  • What were my customer’s expectations?
  • How can I ensure their journey is seamless and enjoyable?

The Charles IT Rockstar Customer Service

In a world where technology is killing the human touch, Charles IT has set out to create real relationships through our rockstar customer service. Who is the rockstar? Our customers, of course!

At Charles IT, we aim to give our customers exceptional service by creating real relationships and raving fans. This is achieved by clearly defining how our staff answer the phone, reply via online help desks, and how we assist our callers. Customers often call for quick answers to technical queries, we make sure they’re addressed by one of our live IT support technicians (yes -- real people always answer the phone).

One more factor that defines our brand is a full suite of efficient technology solutions. We know that data security, network efficiency, and compliance can cost you a lot of sleep and money. With our passionate, honest, forthright, and dedicated team of tech experts, we make sure our customers' IT is safe, running at peak performance, and protected by a data recovery plan. And of course, we deliver all of this with a human touch.

We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out at any time --- our door (and phone lines) are always open. 

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